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MODULAR design

Next generation specialised protection

PACPROTECT® shields are highly durable, erganomically designed and are made with the lightest materials possible that offer the best levels of protection. Our modular sytem sets us apart from our competitors allowing the user to scale-up and scale-down accessories depending on the operational requirements.


You have control 

Mission-specific customisation makes the PACPROTECT® shield a vital part of any elite unit conducting high risk operations. By chosing from three categories: the protection level, the size and the accessories required, users can configure the PACPROTECT® shield to meet the demands of the operational environment.

Detail of shield corner


PACPROTECT® shields are available in three different protection levels. Whether you need lighter protection for flexibility and mobility, medium-level protection for balanced security, or the highest level of protection for maximum safety; users can choose the appropriate protection level to defend against the threat they face.

Different sizes of the PAC shield next to each other


PACPROTECT® shields offer protection in three standard sizes: PAC270 (60cm x 45cm), PAC360 (80cm x 45cm) and PAC405 (90cm x 45cm). Each size offering a different protection surface area for users to consider during mission planning.

Back of shield with attached grips


A growing range of mission specific accessories are available for PACPROTECT® shields. Accessories are  mounted using the Body of Structures System (BOSS), a simple yet robust modular system that gives users the flexibility to tailor their PACPROTECT® shield to meet operational requirements.

Serving government

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We exclusively serve government agencies, making it imperative for us to implement a customer identification procedure. This ensures that our products are exclusively provided to the appropriate recipients, aligning with our commitment to responsible distribution. 

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